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OneDrive on Windows 10

How to set up your OneDrive - University of Cambridge account on a PC running Windows 10
  1. Open the OneDrive app on your PC.
    The first time you run the app you will be asked to set up your local OneDrive folder:


  2. Sign in with your @cam email address:


  3. Choose Work or School:


  4. You will be redirected to the University's Microsoft sign-in page.
    Enter your @cam email address and click Sign In:


  5. You will again be redirected to a different University sign-in page.
    This time, enter your UIS Password (password for Raven) and click Sign In


  6. You will see the This is your OneDrive folder dialog box.
    Optional: you can use the change location link to change the default location for your OneDrive folder.
    Click Next:


  7. Now you can choose which of your local folders you want to automatically snyc to your OneDrive cloud storage by ticking the checkboxes next to them. The default option is to sync everything.
    Click Next:

    Note: in this example, only the 'branding' folder will be synced with OneDrive.

  8. Your OneDrive is now ready. Click Open my OneDrive - University of Cambridge folder:


  9. A browser window will launch in the background, displaying the 'Welcome OneDrive' web page, and the File Explorer will open in the foreground, showing the contents of your OneDrive folder: