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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage service. It gives you access to your files from your computer, your mobile devices and the web, and makes it easy to share your files securely with others, whether or not they use Dropbox. University staff and students get a substantial discount on consumer prices, and existing paying Dropbox users can receive a pro-rated refund from Dropbox.

What is a University Dropbox Business account?

Cambridge students and staff can buy a heavily-discounted Dropbox Business subscription through the University using their @cam domain email address.

Note: for technical reasons, only addresses can be used, not those associated with other Cambridge subdomains.

  • 50% saving on consumer Dropbox Business subscription price
  • Seamless migration from any Dropbox Basic, Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business account which already uses your @cam email address
  • Get a pro-rata refund from Dropbox if you've already paid for an account.*
        (*only possible for Dropbox accounts linked to an @cam email address)

What do I get?

  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited document recovery and version history
  • Robust security
  • Access to all your files, from anywhere, on any device
  • Seamless synching across desktops and mobile devices
  • Easy file sharing with colleagues and partners
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and over 300,000 third party apps
  • Quick and easy app installation on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Compare to commercial Dropbox plans

What does it cost?

Payment by personal credit card or debit card:
Student £55/user/year
(no VAT applicable)
Staff £66/user/year
(inclusive of VAT)
Payment by Departmental purchase order: 
Departments £55/user/year
(no VAT applicable)
Colleges and some non-University Institutions

(inclusive of VAT)

How do I get it?

You can buy and start using your University Dropbox Business account now by going to the UIS Self-Service Gateway. We can accept payment online by:

  1. personal credit/debit cards, or
  2. approved Departmental purchase order PDFs.

If you want to buy multiple licences of Dropbox Business with a single purchase order, please email your purchase order PDF to us on and we'll process that for you. You'll need to let us know who the licences are for. A list of CRSids is best.

Dropbox Business vs OneDrive - what's the difference?

We’ve pulled together this helpful comparison table to give you a bit of an idea of the differences between Dropbox and OneDrive so that you can easily decide which option suits you best. Take a look!

Don't miss out on your refund when you upgrade!

To get any credit refund due to you, change your email address on your old Dropbox to your email address BEFORE you subscribe to a University Dropbox Business account.

How to change your Dropbox email address

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