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Reporting problems and giving feedback

Known faults or breaks in service will be announced on the UIS news service.


Reporting problems

Problem type


Reporting  method


E.g. Any UIS systems not running, rejecting logins, etc.

UIS Service Desk: 

Tel. 62999

UIS-run MCS Equipment

Problems with networked computers and printers in MCS Rooms.

online fault-report form

log issue in the Repair book available in each MCS room.

Departmental MCS sites

Problems within College or Department MCS rooms.

The local IT support staff.

UIS Building services

Problems within UIS buildings e.g furniture, lightbulbs, etc.

online fault-report form

College or departmental equipment


The local Computer Officer.

Network faults


The local IT support staff.

Offensive and harassing material.

Within email etc

Spam, computer security etc


Giving feedback

We welcome feedback on all aspects of the services provided by the UIS. The address to use is

Please use the Webmaster email address () for assistance with where to find things on the UIS web site.

For assistance with how to do things e.g. Connect to eduroam, access Raven account etc, please use the Service Desk email address ().

Training course feedback. Feedback is requested at all UIS training courses and can be contributed via

General comments and suggestions about UIS facilities may be sent to

Comments on UIS documentation may be sent by e-mail to 

Standards of Service forms are available from the Service Desk and can be used for comments about any UIS service. They will be passed on to the relevant part of the Service, and replied to.