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West Cambridge Data Centre

Contact information for the West Cambridge Data Centre

Data Centre Operations' core hours

Data Centre Operations' core operating hours are Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm* (under normal circumstances).

*We will still be available to assist beyond 6pm for pre-planned work, providing we receive a minimum of 2 working days notice.

For general enquiries and visitor booking (requires 24hrs notice) call:
01223 760105

Emergency and out-of-hours contact

WCDC Security: 01223 760100



Visiting the Data Centre

It's been a while... An induction refresher!


A Note on Photography...

Photography, or videography, of the front and rear elevations of client's own cabinets is permissible.

Photography, or videography, either by the use of cameras or cell/smart phones equipped with cameras, elsewhere within the facility is prohibited, with the exception of professional photography for marketing material arranged with the WCDC Manager.

WCDC contacts

WCDC Operations' core hours

Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 18:00

General enquiries and visitor bookings:
01223 760105


Emergency contact

WCDC Security: 01223 760100