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Data Centre colocation

Considering WCDC to host your IT equipment?

Colocation services

There can be a raft of issues to consider before relocating equipment to the Data Centre. Resolving these in advance should result in a smooth transition. To help identify many of the issues that ought to be addressed in advance, we have produced a checklist for your consideration...

Colocation Fact Finder


Suitable equipment

Equipment that is designed to fit in 19" wide frame-based racks, and would expect to have:

  • Hot-swappable Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
  • Hot-swappable, redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs)

When relocating equipment to site, unbox each item prior to transferring to the Data Hall. This can be done in Build Room 3, located on the first floor immediately to the left on exiting the lift.

See: Equipment at the Data Centre

Cabinet layout

WCDC's first floor Data Halls have two pods configured for hot-aisle containment. Other than when entering or exiting the hot-aisles, the pod doors must remain shut

See also:

Cabinet standards

Rack standards

Cabling & cabling standards

Labelling standards

It is advisable to label devices front and back, for identification purposes, with the name of that device. All equipment must be inventoried and be appropriately asset tagged.

See: Labelling & labelling standards


Redundant equipment, and associated cabling, should be removed from racks as soon as possible; invariably at the same time as the equipment, to which it was attached, is removed.


DCH can dispose of equipment on behalf of clients in accordance with University policy regarding electrical and electronic waste.

WEEE and the University.

If wishing to take advantage of this service kindly raise a HEAT ticket, listing the items you wish to have disposed, by e-mailing

Please DO NOT simply leave items either in Build Room 3, or on the WEEE cage, without communicating requirements to Operations staff. Thank you.

Alternatively, clients may wish to avail themselves of the University's WARPit initiative, an online marketplace to help redistribute resources, details of which are available here.

WCDC contacts

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Emergency contact

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