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Project management templates

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Agile project management

Our recommended framework for Agile project management and delivery is the DSDM Agile Project Framework, providing governance and rigour along with agility and flexibility. The framework can be used either stand-alone or combined with other recognised methods such as PRINCE2®, MSP and PMI. It is also ideal as a wrapper for more limited Agile approaches to ensure that the whole project lifecycle is addressed.

We are members of the Agile Business Consortium.


DSDM agile framework

DSDM Agile Project Framework overview


  • Handbook and templates available online
  • Fits with PRINCE2, MSP, PMI, SCRUM.
  • Provides a rigorous approach to agile delivery with clear governance, roles, delivery methodology
  • Templates and methodology does not need updating - kept up to date online
  • Standard training available (Foundation and Practitioner training)
  • Can scale up to Programme & Portfolio level:

Getting started with Agile project management

  1. Use Project Approach Questionnaire to determine which delivery approach is most appropriate
  2. Full documentation available online here:
  3. Templates and tools available here:
  4. Training available from multiple training providers (DSDM Atern or Agile Project Management Foundation/Practitioner)

Non-agile project management templates

DLV07 – Configuration management plan template

DLV09 – Work package template

GVN01 – Project brief template

GVN02 – Project initiation documentation template

GVN04 – Benefits review plan template

QA01 – Quality management plan template

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