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Update from Jisc on Internet disruptions on 8/9 December 2015

Jisc, who run the Janet network, have provided a further update on the recent denial of service attacks (DDoS) via a post on facebook:

We continue to experience criminal DDoS attacks to the Janet network. This includes an attack in the early hours of this morning, although user data should have been unaffected as it was successfully kept under control through the filters and blocks in place; and a separate DDoS attack targeted at a customer site in the East Midlands yesterday afternoon, more typical of those we usually experience, which was addressed and resolved in 20 minutes.

At this stage, we appear to be fine, with no successful attack.

The engineering and security teams are continuing to work hard to put in place a number of actions to further secure the network and reduce the impact of future attacks.

One course of action is to progress the work to secure the internal address space, which will require some sites to change their use of our infrastructure addresses, as identified in previous communications to customers. More information will follow on this in the coming days.

We are also expediting work that was already in hand to assist with DDoS attacks both to end sites and to the network infrastructure. Again, more information will be provided as it becomes available.

We remain vigilant but cautiously optimistic.

A further update has been provided on 10 December 2015.

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