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Final incident update following disruption on 20-Feb-2016

17:10 Wednesday, 24 February 2016: Following the incident that affected some University services over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 20/21 February UIS can confirm:

  • all UIS services are running normally
  • backup power systems are now functioning normally having been brought back on line at approximately 13:00 on Tuesday, 23 February
  • services hosted for customers by UIS have been returned to service

The Major Incident Team overseeing this problem has confirmed that the incident is now closed, and the team has been stood down. A number of activities are still under way to ensure that we understand what happened and are able to take the necessary actions to ensure it does not happen again.

The underlying fault that caused our systems to go offline remains and relates to the way that the air cooling units in the Soulsby data centre handle some electrical power disruptions. It is therefore possible that a further power disruption might cause them to fail again. UIS is prioritising work to ensure that short-term contingency plans are in place, while also ensuring that a long-term solution is carried out to resolve the underlying fault.

A brief synopsis of the event is included in our earlier report.

We expect to publish an interim incident report on the UIS website by 2 March 2016. Following a more detailed investigation - and most importantly the identification of remedial actions necessary to ensure this does not happen again - a full report will also be published online, in addition to being submitted to our governing committees.

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