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UIS service update following disruption on 20-Feb-2016 [Sunday 21-Feb-2016]

Current situation

12:00 Sunday 21 February 2016: Following an electrical power incident on Saturday, 20 February, we believe that all UIS systems are now available but are aware that there may be some delays to email message delivery.

The backup power system at the Soulsby data centre has a fault which means that at present all services in the room are running on mains power without appropriate backup facilities. Our colleagues from Estates Management are prioritising the repair of this equipment. As a result of this fault there is currently a higher risk of further disruption to services.

As a precaution we have suspended all planned maintenance work for the week commencing 22 February.

We will provide a further update on the morning of Monday, 22 February.

If you notice anything unexpected with any of our services please contact our Service Desk at .

Other systems hosted in the Soulsby data centre

Systems that UIS hosts for Plant Sciences are still experiencing some disruption. Our staff are working with the department.

We understand that the systems the University Library run from the data centre have experienced significant disruption and we have offered our assistance.


At approximately 12:20 on Saturday, 20 February a very brief electrical power disruption to the entire West Cambridge site caused power systems at the Soulsby data centre to switch to the backup systems (batteries and generator). Power to the IT services continued without interruption and was restored to the mains input. The air chiller units did not restart properly, however, causing the temperature in the room to rise significantly.

Readings from the Soulsby data centre temperature monitor on Saturday, 20 Feburary 2016. Readings between 12:00 and 16:00. The temperature rose from 16C to over 40C between 12:20 and 13:20, at which point the building management system performed an emergency shutdown of all power to the room.

At approximately 13:20 the Sousbly building management system detected that the temperature in the room was above its critical threshold and initiated an emergency shutdown. The last recording was at 42 Celsius; the room normally operates at 16 Celsius.

UIS staff worked into the evening to bring services back online and work is continuing to ensure that our highest priority services are running from other facilities where possible.

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