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IT incidents in 2017

  • Saturday 12 August: From approximately 18:10 on Saturday 12 August 2017 until about 14:45 on Tuesday 15 August 2017, we experienced problems with some services following an issue with electrical power in our Soulsby server room. Services affected included: email for users of the Administrative Computer Network (ACN); storage; some services run by the University Library and the Institute of Astronomy; and CamSIS. All services were restored by Tuesday 15 August. Further remedial work to address the risk of a recurrence of this issue has been completed.
  • Monday 21 March: From approximately 21:20 on Monday 21 March, until 00:10 on 22 March, many University websites experienced further problems loading the corporate font from an external service provider. UIS put in place a workaround to avoid use of the font for websites hosted on the UIS Drupal service between 21:55 on 21 March and 09:20 on 22 March.
  • Saturday 11 March: Between 15:00 on 11 March and 09:30 on 14 March some University websites were changed to remove the use of the corporate font, to address a problem with the font not loading in a timely manner. This change would have caused affected websites to appear slightly different to normal. Since 09:30 on Monday, 14 March we believe websites are operating normally. More detailed information about this incident (ref:401633) is available.
  • Saturday 20 February: The recent incident affecting services on Saturday 20 February has been closed. An underlying problem with the way the air cooling system works remains and we are prioritising short-term contingency plans, while also planning the longer-term work needed to fix the problem. We expect to publish an interim incident report by 2 March.