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Dr Jenny Barna

IT Business Manager (Relationship Manager), School of the Biological Sciences

Jenny Barna

About Jenny

Jenny studied chemistry at Oxford followed by postdoctoral work in Cambridge. Her research work involved processing data from NMR spectroscopy and this evolved so that she no longer spent all week in the lab and eventually started running the computers as well. She helped pioneer the use of the Maximum Entropy Method in NMR data processing during this time.

Since starting to run the School's first shared computing system for molecular biology research, with enormous support from what was then UCS, Jenny has continued to help lead the use of technologies in Cambridge. This included introducing Internet Protocols for biologists with the support of the Computer Lab, the original Ethernet networking of the School with UCS, use of various email protocols and having one of the first web servers in the University.

Jenny has also worked on numerous University committees and review groups, contributing to academic and IT policies and to the development of new initiatives. In IT these have included CamGrid, on which she worked with colleagues from Physics and Earth Sciences to help biologists and others benefit from this federated resource.

More recently she has continued to provide specialized resources for bioinformatics and computational biology while working with UIS to create the enlarged Research Computing Services that will incorporate new developments to support the School's work.

At the same time, generic needs such as email, networking and storage remain a key focus of her role, as does the development of IT policy. She will be working with all the institutions in the School as IT Business Manager.

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