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Service Managers

Our Service Managers are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of services.

About the role

User engagement: the service manager roleOur Service Managers (SMs) are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of specific services. They are experts in their given service and understand how to meet service-level agreements effectively and within budget. They monitor, measure and report on their services’ performance.

SMs also identify opportunities to improve services, and co-ordinate their implementation, working closely with Service Owners. SMs engage with the user community, and act as the first point of escalation from the Service Desk for incidents relating to a service. They also work with Relationship Managers to ensure that the services they manage meet the user community’s needs and expectations.

Our services

The Service Catalogue provides details on the services we provide and the links to services below will take you to entries in the Catalogue; the A-Z index will assist you in finding help and support information about the services listed on this page.

Our team of Service Managers

If you are having a problem with one of our services you should contact our Service Desk in the first instance.

The Service Desk team is best placed to ensure that problems are passed on to the individual most able to resolve the problem, and to escalate in the event of a delay or more widespread problem. You may be contacted by the Service Manager for more information on the problem you have encountered.

Listed alphabetically by service name

ServiceService Manager
ACN Desktop Mark Neal
CAN Mobile Phil Shore
ACN Remote Access Mark Neal
ACN User Accounts Mark Neal
AD.CAM Accounts and Passwords Andy Judd
Antivirus Management for institutions Chris Quy
Antivirus Software Chris Quy
Audio Conferencing Gordon Ross
BT Lines & OneBill Gordon Ross
CamTools Sharon Mott
Common Registration Scheme identifiers (CRSids) Ruth Charles
Data Storage: Large Scale Central Paul Calleja
Desktop Video Conferencing Ronald Haynes
Development Service Nick Mattin
DNS and IP Register Tony Finch
Drupal Content Management Service Jamie Giberti
DS-Exams Mark Neal
DS-Files Mark Neal
DS-Print Mark Neal
DS-Web Mark Neal
eCommerce Systems Chris Sendall
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Will Russell
Email & Calendaring (ACN) Mark Neal
Email Spam and Virus Protection Mark Neal
Employee Self Service (ESS) Paul Hawkins
Equipment Sharing Will Russell
Event Management Software Nick Mattin
Falcon Content Management Service Helen Sargan
Federated Active Directory AD.CAM.AC.UK Andy Judd
GBN Fibre Optic Network Ritchie Carter
Git Repository Hosting Service Tony Finch
Google Apps @ Cambridge (Content and Calendaring) Steve Riley
Hermes Chris Garrett
HR Record Administration Paul Hawkins
Institutional Network Connection (CUDN) Bob Franklin
Lookup Directory Steve Riley
Lookup for Webmasters Steve Riley
Mailing Lists Mark Neal
Managed Cluster Service (MCS) Mark Neal
Managd Mail Domains David Carter
Managed VPN Service for Institutions Bob Franklin
Managed Web Service (MWS) Peter Heiner
Managed Wiki Service Jon Warbrick
Management Reporting Steve Smith
Mobile Phone Provision Gordon Ross
Moodle Sharon Mott
Network Installation Service Nick Harwood
Network Time Service To be reviewed
Online Application Forms Steve Smith
Process Mapping Software Provision Mark Neal
Raven Authentication Service Jon Warbrick
Research Analytics Will Russell
Research Grant Expenditure Application Will Russell
Research Impact Repository Will Russell
Service Desk Vince Woodley
SharePoint Jie Lin
Software Distribution Richard Boughey
Streaming Media Service for Content Providers Julian King
Streaming Media Service for Webmasters Julian King
Student Administration Service (CamSIS - also CamFUNDS, CamSIS Connect, CamSIS Outbound interface, Timetable course administration and TOAST) Andrew Crook
Symplectic Elements Will Russell
Telephone Management for Individuals Gordon Ross
Telephone Management for Institutions Gordon Ross
Telephone Provision Gordon Ross
Telephony (Phone Software) Gordon Ross
Test Management Jane Karger
Testing (Automated) Agustin Fernandez
Testing (Functional) Jane Karger
Testing (Performance) Agustin Fernandez
Text Message Service Gordon Ross
UAS Email & Calendaring (ACN) Mark Neal
University Card Provision and Permissions Vince Woodley
University Map Jon Warbrick
University Search Service Helen Sargan
University Training Booking System (UTBS) Monica Gonzalez
University Web Search For Webmasters Helen Sargan
Video Conferencing Service Rosemary Rodd
VPN Service for Individuals Bob Franklin
Wireless for individuals Alexander Cox
Wireless Services for Institutions Alexander Cox
Wireless Surveys Alexander Cox
X5 (Research Grant Costing and Pricing Tool) Will Russell