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How we work with you

There are two ways to contact us:

  • if you have a problem with one of our services, or a straightforward request, please contact the Service Desk;
  • if you wish to discuss a new area of work, or understand how IT can help you achieve your long-term strategic goals, please contact your Relationship Manager.

User engagement diagram

Service Desk

Service desk iconOur Service Desk provides the first point of contact for students and staff in the event that you are having problems with one of our services. They escalate issues to the Service Managers, when necessary, and may introduce you to them in cases where you need to discuss a particular issue in detail. Contact the Service Desk via email at , phone 01223 (7)62999 or come to UIS Reception in person.

Relationship Managers

Relationship manager iconA Relationship Manager works with your institution's manager and staff to ensure you are satisfied with the services you receive from us, and to identify new technology trends that could support and enhance your team's long-term strategy. Each department or institution will have a single point of contact; you can find out who yours is by checking our list of Relationship Managers.

Service Owners

Service owner iconWhile Relationship Managers specialise in a group of end users, Service Owners focus on a specific group of services. They work with Relationship Managers to ensure that we offer the right blend of information services to satisfy institutions' and departments' needs. They also work with the individual Service Managers to ensure our services meet the agreed service levels.

Service Managers

Service manager iconOur Service Managers look after the day-to-day delivery of a given service, in which they will be an expert. Our Service Desk will escalate problems with a service to its manager, where necessary, so you may be put in touch with them to discuss your issue in detail. Service Managers also look for opportunities to improve services, and co-ordinate the implementation of these improvements.