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UIS Progress Report to ISC, July 2014

A summary of the progress report paper to the Information Services Committee (ISC) on 8th July 2014, which focused on ‘developing the strategy and UIS organisation’. The report provides an overview of the subsequent six weeks of activity.


Work already underway has established key areas of change, with regular consultation with Schools, Colleges, Institutions of the UAS and IT Practitioners. This will increase awareness of UIS and the range of IT services offered, and provides an opportunity to influence service provision, planning and strategy. Ultimately we hope to create an effective IT practitioner community across the University improving communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration between computer offices.

Following this, the Workstrands have updated and developed strategies.

In regards to Workstrand one, Services and Review, work is underway to develop an engagement strategy to ensure there is effective communication with the various stakeholders and wider user communities, with the introduction of a “services portfolio and catalogue”.

Workstrand two, Community and Capability, is developing a strategy that allows institutions to establish a single point of contact to discuss services that are available to them, following an “account management” model. The team is also defining the different communities that require focus, and looking at a portfolio of services to engage individual institutions.

Workstrand three, Operations, including capability development & external/internal governance, is producing a prioritised plan for the integration of these areas, unifying UIS with respect to its internal working methods. Work has also started in conjunction with HR to consider staff capability and career development.

Workstrand four, Architecture, is considering a hybrid approach that assumes a common internal foundation for the majority of services.

Workstrand five, Build Capability and Methodologies, is considering what development approaches are needed in the future. This includes defining the factors that will be considered when applying one approach over another.

Workstrand six, Service Delivery Operations, is providing an industry standard set of practices for IT service management, with a recommendation to consolidate some of the common service desk functions, and adopt common tooling across UIS.

Workstrand seven, Information Management and Security, has identified four threads, (Strategic, Operational, Development, and Security and Regulatory), progressing with the support of volunteers both inside and outside UIS.

UIS will continue to discuss future plans and obtain feedback that will allow us to capture trends, recurring issues and particular user requirements.

It is expected that the October 2014 report to the ISC will cover the conclusions of the seven workstrands: the proposed high level structure to form the integrated UIS; and a description of the process for populating the new UIS structure.

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