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University Information Services


Since April 3rd 2014 the UIS Interim Leadership Team (ILT) has been considering how to implement the recommendations of the Joint Report of the Council and General Board on IT Infrastructure and Support.

The thirteen members (listed below) are directors, heads of departments and senior managers from the former UCS, MISD & HPCS:

  • Martin Bellamy, Director of University Information Services
  • Paul Calleja, Director of the High Performance Computing Facility
  • Andrew Cox, Head of Student Systems
  • Bob Dowling, Head of Online Services Division
  • Chris Edwards, Deputy Director
  • Michelle Finnegan, Assistant Director
  • Richard Hey, Head of User Services
  • Jon Holgate, Head of Network Division
  • Steve Kearsey, Deputy Director
  • Richard Mee, Head of Institution Strategy and Media Services
  • Steve Smith, Head of Business Solutions
  • Ian Tasker, Data Centre Manager
  • Ed Webster, Interim HR Change Manager

Louise Marks, Secretary, also attends weekly ILT meetings, along with Jane Ridley from HR and a member of the Communications Working Group.

The ILT are also accountable for 'Business as Usual', a commitment made by the UIS, whilst the transition to the new organisation is underway.

From mid-September the ILT will attend workshops, facilitated by Gartner, (a leading global information technology research and advisory company), to support the completion of the final work packages of the workstrands. The workstrands were set up and introduced in April 2014, as seven established teams to make recommendations on the creation of a well-structured, cohesive UIS organisation.