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Every three years, the University's eduroam certificate requires renewal. The certificate was renewed on Monday 18 January 2016. Some devices may need reconfiguring to use the new certificate.

Eduroam update January 2019

For instructions on how to update your eduroam setup to stay connected after Thursday 10 January 2019, please ignore this page and visit

When did this happen?

Monday 18th January 2016 at 7.30 a.m. 

What do I need to do?

This is how different mobile devices react to the new certificate, with instructions on any reconfiguration that may be needed before they can re-connect to eduroam after the new certificate has been implemented:

  • For all users of eduroam

Your password for connecting to eduroam is your Network Token which can be found here:

eduroam Network Token

To access the Network Token you will need your Raven password.

  • Windows laptops and tablets (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
    Computers running the full Windows desktop operating system will need to be reconfigured, following the certificate change. 
    The simplest way to do this is to set eduroam up again, using the eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistance Tool)— this will overwrite the old settings with the new ones:

    Instructions for Windows laptops and tablets

    If required, the UniOfCam service can be used to connect to the internet and access the instructions and download the CAT, once you are no longer able to access eduroam.  

Note that Windows RT is not supported by the UIS and must be configured manually.

  • Mac OS X computers & iOS devices
    Mac computers, iPhones and iPads which have been configured according to the UIS instructions, using the connection profile, should just continue to connect as before.
    However, if eduroam was configured manually (by choosing eduroam from the Wireless menu), a warning will be reported, following the changeover, and you will be asked to accept the new certificate. See:

    Instructions for Mac users (manual configuration for OS X and iOS)

  • Android devices
    Android phones and tablets should not need any reconfiguration and should continue to connect, following the change.
  • Linux
    You will need to go to the Network Connections settings and change the CA certificate to QuoVadis Root CA 2.
  • Windows phones
    Following the change, Windows phones will display an alert and prompt you to confirm the new certificate.

    Instructions for Windows phones


  1. Has my eduroam network token/password changed?
    No, your personal network token/password has not changed.

  2. Does this affect eduroam users visiting from other Universities and using the University of Cambridge eduroam service?
    No, guests using eduroam accounts from other Universities are not affected.

  3. Does this affect University of Cambridge eduroam users connecting to eduroam at other Universities or to eduroam wireless networks implemented by other institutions within Cambridge?
    Yes, it affects all University of Cambridge eduroam accounts where the username ends '', wherever they are connecting.

  4. Does it affect institutions with their own realm underneath ""?
    No - institutions with their own usernames/passwords (e.g. "") are not affected by this change.

  5. Does it affect the UniOfCam wireless service?
    No, the UniOfCam service is quite separate and is unaffected. It is available to use if you have difficulties with eduroam.

Need help?

If you experience any technical issues related to the certificate change, please either email the UIS Service Desk at , ring them on 01223 (7)62999, or call in to either the New Museums Site or Roger Needham Building Service Desks in person.