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Raven protected

The first major functionality enhancement is that the catalogue has been 'Ravenised' – in other words, a number of the entries for non-UIS Institutions are now Raven protected and can only be seen when someone logs in with their Raven credentials. If a user does not log in they will see all UIS entries and only those non-UIS entries that have not been Raven protected. The log in button can be found in the top right hand corner of the Catalogue home page, just under the Catalogue search box.

User profiling

The second major functionality enhancement is that the first time a user goes to the Service Catalogue home page after the release, they will be prompted to fill in a user profile. The profile is used to identify the Institutions to which the user is affiliated – one primary and, if required, multiple secondary Institutions can be added to the profile. For example, a user might set their primary affiliation as King’s College and their secondary affiliation as the Department of Engineering. The purpose of this is to allow the individual user to create a tailored view of the Service Catalogue through the 'My Services' section. This section of the site will begin with the customised view for the user – but they will also be able to select services from other service providers, including UIS.

As part of this release, content for a significant number of non-UIS Institutions will also be added to the Service Catalogue. All non-UIS entries are grouped under the 'Local Services' tab in the top navigation bar; the groupings in the drop down menu are College Services, School Services and NSI (Non-School Institution) Services. Clicking on one of these groupings will bring up the appropriate detailed list in the left hand navigation pane.

In anticipation of this major release, we have had a number of posters prepared, highlighting some of the sorts of questions that could be answered by looking at the Service Catalogue; look out for them on a notice board near you!

If you have any questions about this release, please email the Project Manager at