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Improving IT services for staff in the UAS

A more efficient helpdesk service, regular IT updates and a programme to replace old computers have been planned in response to feedback from UAS staff.

University Information Services (UIS) is launching a programme of improvements this month after surveying members of the Unified Administrative Service about the service they receive.

One of the greatest strengths highlighted by the survey – which took place in June and received more than 750 responses – was the range of equipment and systems available to staff to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. 

However, a fifth of respondents felt that their computers could be improved as they were too slow. To address this, UIS has set a target of replacing 150 of the University’s oldest PCs by March 2017, and will seek to replace more machines throughout the remainder of 2017 and 2018 subject to funding.

Two-thirds of staff were pleased with the support they received from UIS - both from the service desk and through the range of specialist training available to them. However, some felt that the speed it took to resolve technical issues and the availability of staff to answer their calls could be better. In response to this feedback, UIS will be merging its three service desk teams and adding more staff to ensure that calls are answered quickly. Helpdesk staff will receive additional customer support and technical training to increase the likelihood of them being able to resolve calls in the first instance, and the system that logs support requests will be replaced to reduce the possibility of calls being lost or delayed.

Many UAS staff said that they welcomed the introduction of UIS Relationship Managers. Respondents felt that they were easy to work with and were able to signpost them to the relevant section of UIS when they were not able to answer questions. UIS will use Relationship Managers to share regular updates with staff – as some respondents felt that more could be done to keep them informed about technical developments that are relevant to their roles. There will be additional communication via detailed briefings and regular updates on IT developments in the UAS bulletin.

A document outlining the results of the survey and a full list of planned improvements is available here. A follow up survey will take place next year.

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UAS Survey Results cover
Download an outline of the survey results and a full list of planned improvements here.