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Migrating to Exchange Online

In 2015 the University completed internal financial negotiations to licence Microsoft's Enrolment for Education Services (MS EES). This saved the wider University money on Office and Client Access Licences. It also gave us access to various other Microsoft cloud services at no additional cost.

In addition, the University was seeking a single platform that would assist with the increasing need for collaborative working, and UIS was looking for a solution that could meet its need for a common system providing email, calendar and contacts.

UIS selected Exchange Online from the MS EES licence because it met its needs without carrying any additional licence costs.

Pilot programme at UIS

UIS became the pilot institution to migrate to this new service. The migration was not as smooth as we would have hoped, but was ultimately successful, and gave us some excellent lessons learnt which have resulted in the project team implementing further technical and process enhancements.

Benefits of Exchange Online

Migration to Exchange Online delivers the following:

  • 50GB of mailbox storage
  • Emails up to 150MB in size
  • Mobile responsive web-based access
  • The ability to share directly from Exchange Online to OneDrive for Business
  • Consolidated personal calendars, making it easier to schedule meetings
  • Group calendars to help teams work together
  • A global address list with all University of Cambridge
  • The ability to create external contacts that everyone can see and share

Exchange Online email availability for individuals

Anyone with a Hermes account can self-migrate their email to Exchange Online.

From 02 July 2018, Exchange Online will be available to all new starters:

  • All new students will be issued with Exchange Online accounts instead of Hermes email
  • Institutional administrators can request an Exchange Online email account for their new staff (instead of/as well as Hermes email).

Roll-out to early adopter institutions

UIS is planning to offer institutions the opportunity to migrate to Exchange Online on an institution-by-institution basis. A number of early adopters have signed up and we hope to migrate them over the course of 2017, refining our processes as we do.

Once the early adopters have migrated and the UIS is happy with the process, we will offer other institutions the opportunity to take an advantage of the benefits the new system offers. UIS will also offer training for technical staff participating in the transition to Exchange Online.

Interested in migrating your institution to Exchange Online?

The option to migrate is currently available only for institutions. If you're interested in migrating, take a look at the FAQs and get in contact with your Relationship Manager.

Note that the migration is likely to come with a cost – primarily in manpower for assisting your users with the necessary changes on their various networked devices.

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