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Exchange Online for new students and staff

From 02 July 2018, all new students will be given Exchange Online accounts instead of Hermes. Institutions will have the option to request Exchange Online email accounts for their new staff instead of Hermes accounts.

What is happening and when

  • Starts Monday 2 July 2018
  • All new student email accounts (undergraduate and postgraduate) will be Exchange Online
  • There will be the option to request an Exchange Online email account for new non-UAS staff on the pre-registration form (alongside the Hermes option)
  • No change for new UAS staff – they will still get Exchange On-Premise email.

    Impact on institutions

    There will not be any impact on institutions’ ability to work and collaborate, however there will be some action required to prepare for the change:

    1. Institutional IT staff should prepare to provide ExOL user support – further UIS training courses are currently being scheduled (keep an eye on the UTBS for details).

    2. Any documentation prepared for new students by the Colleges and Departments will need to be amended to replace references to 'Hermes' with 'Exchange Online'.

    Account request process for new staff

    Institutional admin staff will continue to use the current system to pre-register new staff, with one difference: there is an additional button to request Exchange Online email account instead of Hermes:

    Pre-reg screen 2018


    Queries and feedback

    Any technical queries should be addressed to the UIS Service Desk by email to


    Information for IT staff

    From 02 July, institutions will be able to request Exchange Online email accounts for their new staff when they pre-register them for UIS computing accounts. The option to request a Hermes account will remain. There is no change for new UAS staff, who will continue to be given Exchange On Premise email accounts.

    Under the terms of our Microsoft licence, Exchange Online email accounts normally can’t be activated until the new employee has been flagged as 'staff' in CHRIS. In cases where the employee has not been entered in CHRIS before they arrive, or there is not a complete staff record in CHRIS, UIS will manually add the new starter to the EES entitlement access group list so that we can provide their Exchange Online email for their first day.

    Exchange Online email for non-University staff

    New staff joining the Colleges and non-core-University institutions that are part of the University’s Microsoft EES Agreement must be manually added to the relevant 'extras' group that UIS has defined for each institution. Local IT staff are responsible for adding them to their respective Lookup access groups which are named <institution>-mees-extra-fte or <institution>-mees-extra-nonfte.

    Exchange Online support training for IT officers

    UIS is currently scheduling another series of Exchange Online support training courses for IT officers. We will announce dates and booking information as soon as the arrangements are finalised.


    If you have any queries, please email the UIS Service Desk:

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