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About The IT Community Development Project

About IT Community Development Project

One of the recommendations of the Review of IT Infrastructure and Support was that the “University should reform the career structures and employment arrangements of its computing support staff with urgency, with the aim of improving the mobility of individuals, and the flexibility of teams”. In response to this UIS has set up the IT Community Development Project reporting to the Information System Committee (ISC).

IT support provided across the Collegiate University needs to accommodate the diverse and dynamic development needs of Researchers and Teaching Officers within Schools, Departments and Institutions. 

The IT Community Development Project will help to build a collaborative, federated IT support network across the Collegiate University and affiliated institutions. It will promote opportunities for all IT staff across the University, increasing professional development capability, and enhancing mobility for all IT practitioners.  This project will take a number of steps to support the development of IT professionals’ knowledge, capability, and eventually, career structures. An IT Community Skills database will be developed to help facilitate this. The project will also build on existing mechanisms to develop the IT Community with a virtual ‘landing place’ where IT professionals will be able to access IT Community Development resources.