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Template Departmental IT Job Descriptions

Departmental Templates: IT Job Descriptions

IT Job Descriptions Templates & Job Description Service

We have added IT role description templates relevant for IT Professionals at the bottom of this page.  These role templates are also held within Cambridge University's HR Department. The background about the Role Template Library and guidance is stated below.

  1. The Role Template Library contains a range of pre-graded templates that can be used across the University, these can be adapted to fit your requirements or used as they are if they match your role requirements exactly. Guidance on the use of these template is available on the HR forms and guidance notes.

  2. The Role Template Library is part of a wider grading review we are undertaking in partnership with our trade unions, which will also focus on consistency checking, process and procedural reviews and HERA scoring practice, levels and outcomes across the university.

These are the standardised Job Template Roles for IT.

Click on the role title to view the template relevant grade:

IT Technician


IT Technician Grade 4 4
IT Technician Grade 5 5
IT Technician Grade 6 6

IT Specialist


IT Specialist Grade 7 7
IT Specialist Grade 8 8

IT Technical Lead


IT Technical Lead Grade 9 9


IT Managers


IT Line Manager Grade 8 8
IT Line Manager Grade 9 9
Departmental IT Line Manager Grade 10 10

Job description service   

UIS's Career Development Team offer a job description service for IT related roles. They can give guidance and advice with writing new role templates or editing existing roles, using a Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). The framework uses easily recognisable terminology for IT specific roles. Using this service can help maximise interest in applicants applying from a variety of industries. You can find more information about SFIA here.