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April 2017 update

The Room Booking project has been investigating the buy-vs-build options for productionising the prototype system, which is currently running in two departments on the Sidgwick Site.

Buying an off-the-shelf commercial product may be seen as the least-expensive option, but it was agreed that there would be significant risk that such a product would not have a compelling user experience or be flexible enough to provide a good fit for requirements. As a result, this option was quickly dismissed early in the project. So effectively we were left with the choice of either bringing in an external company to build a robust University campus-wide solution or building it ourselves with our own resources. Both options presented an expensive, time-consuming process of building a bespoke system.

We went through a vendor selection process in which we invited various third-party suppliers to propose how they could best help the University to achieve their goals. One of the vendors –EventMAP – presented us with a very interesting third option. EventMAP is an established market player that provides event, scheduling and timetabling software. Its proposal was to redevelop the front end of its commercial product using our user-centric designs, therefore creating an elegant, efficient cloud-based room booking system based on EventMAP’s underlying technology.

We believe this opportunity to team up and combine the University’s experience of user-centred design with EventMAP’s long history of solving complex problems will provide a University-wide room booking solution that will deliver a great user experience and help the University improve its space utilisation. As part of the agreement for working together in the partnership, the University will gain a ‘free’ campus-wide licence to use the resulting room booking system.

EventMAP and the University have a desire to maintain a long-term relationship, as we’ve recognised that there are potential opportunities to utilise other aspects of EventMAP’s product suite for activities such as course and exam scheduling and timetabling.

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If you have any further queries on the project then please contact either of the Project Managers:

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