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University Information Services


Information on the University's timetable system

Timetables for the academic year are available at


The University provides a service to offer personalised student timetables to the University’s Departments and Institutions.

The Timetable application allows departments to publish courses, parts, modules and events.  It provides the ability to publish a complex timetable, in a modular fashion, that is accessible and personalised to each individual student and lecturer.

Students can select the elements of the public timetable that are relevant to them individually, and add them to a personalised calendar.  This calendar can then be viewed either within the Timetable interface, or students can subscribe to an ical feed  to add the events to their local device/calendar.  These events will then be updated on the student's device if they are updated in Timetable.

Note that not all Departments use Timetable to display their course information, but where they do not there will be a link to the relevant location where this can be accessed.

Service Desk support

You can contact the Service Desk by:

  • Telephone - on 01223 (7)62999

(please note that we may monitor and record telephone calls for training and quality assurance purposes with the aim of improving our service to you)

Full details can be found at:


Administrators can access our Introductory video for administrators, and a similar video for students will be made available on this site shortly.  There are also "How do I...?" guides for both administrators and for students to help with common problems or queries, and a Student Quick Start guide.

Formal training sessions are not planned at this time, but training and/or demonstrations can be arranged on request.

If you would like to access any training, or have queries about using Timetable, please contact the Helpdesk at

New Students

To create a personalised calendar you must have your Raven ID and password and the timetable data must be available within the application (in Michaelmas term this will not be the case until term has started). You will receive an email from the Student Registry in late August with registration details; for more information see IT Services for students.