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University Information Services



The Groups are more strategically focused and report to the UIS Director.


Works with other areas of the University and UIS to develop IT architectural design policies and associated principles in support of the University's core objectives. Architecture defines how systems, technology and information can be best structured and organised for research, teaching, administration; enabling integration between systems, re-use, security and performance and reducing duplication.

Information and Cyber Security

Responsible for helping the University manage information and cybersecurity risks. Led by Vijay Samtani.


The Divisions have an operational focus and report to the Chief Operating Officer.

Delivery Management Office

The role of the Delivery Management Office is to work with users, Relationship Managers and Service Owners to ensure that the programmes and projects that UIS undertakes meet user requirements, are delivered on time and within budget, and adhere to the relevant project governance standards. Led by Mark Rowland.

Departmental Operations

Responsible for UIS Finance, HR, Staff Development, Departmental Administration and Building Management. Departmental Operations is also responsible for developing effective governance frameworks and internal processes. Reports to the Chief Operating Officer.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Leads the development and operations for all small and medium-sized IT systems and applications. Working closely with the User Experience, Testing and Quality Assurance teams, the Division will ensure all initiatives deliver a consistent and excellent user experience. Led by Abraham Martin-Campillo.


Responsible for the ongoing delivery and support of the full range of UIS services to the University. Ensures service expectations are agreed and met, and that needs are met. Includes the Infrastructure and Networks team, front-line services (including the Service Desk), end-user computing and institutional support services. Led by Jon Holgate.

Institution Liaison and Relationship Management

Responsible for building collaborative relationships with Colleges, Schools, Departments, and the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) and other Non-School Institutions (NSIs). Ensures that user needs are understood and met, and that pan-University services deliver a good user experience and end-to-end IT service. The Division also includes Communications and IT Training Services to ensure staff and students can discover, adopt and maximise the value of their IT systems. Led by Richard Hey.

Large Systems

Responsible for developing, procuring, operating and upgrading all large business and information systems for the University, subject to priorities as set by the oversight committeesLed by Ron Chambers.

Product and Service Design

We use data and evidence to design user-centred products and services across the University. We have expertise in product management, user research and data science, business analysis, design and content, and digital acceleration. Chris Mitchell leads this division.

Service Management Office

Sets the agenda for service management across UIS, developing strategy and policy, as well as raising awareness of and aligning service management frameworks across teams to promote collaboration in service delivery for both operational run and new service delivery. Working directly with service owners, customers, service design, security and technical teams to deliver and improve service delivery across the University. Led by Neil King; Will Russell is deputising in his absence.

Research Computing Services

Provides Research Computing Services including high-performance computing services to the University and others. Led by Paul Calleja.