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University Information Services


Injuries – call 36060

If someone has been injured, you need to first call UIS First Aid - 36060.

First aiders

There are eight first aiders in UIS:

Name Location Telephone number
Andy Batey GN67 (01223) (3) 34334
Ruth Charles 1N63 (01223) (3) 35467
Natalie Glasberg 2N65 (01223) (7) 66239
John Mayes GN39 (01223) (3) 34996 or 50566
Amal Ouchikh GN09 (01223) (7) 66209
Adrian Stone GN67 (01223) (3) 35634


Mental health first aiders

Name Location Telephone number
John Mayes (trained) GN39 (01223) (3) 34996 or 50566
Kavitha Nirmaladevi (Team Lead /trained) 1S31 (01223) (7) 61859
Douglas Youngson (trained)       1S31 (01223) (7) 66606
Natalie Glasberg (trained) 2N65 (01223) (7) 66239
Britta Granas (trained) 1S31 (01223) (7) 64345
Natalie West (trained) 2S31 (01223) (3) 46788 / 34753

Find all the University first aiders


Ambulances / emergency vehicles – call 999

Name Telephone number
Ambulance or emergency vehicle 999
Department emergency (not first aid) (01223) (3) 34447

If medical aid is obviously needed urgently and the casualty has to go to hospital by ambulance, call 999 or 1999 on the network.

Tell the ambulance exactly where to come, what has happened (how many people, type of injury etc.) and arrange for the ambulance to be met.

Roger Needham Building address:

University of Cambridge Information Services
Roger Needham Building
7 JJ Thomson Avenue


Accident reporting

The Department is required to record all accidents and report them to the University Safety Adviser.

In the event of an accident, please fill in an Accident Report Form, (which is available from Dawn Pammenter (2N08)) and send it to Will Smith (2N77). The Departmental Accident Book, which must also be completed as required by law, can be found in the Admin Office, 2N08.

Don't forget to report the accident to the Safety Officer as soon as possible and complete the report form.

Find more help on first aid from the Safety Office.


Security – call 101

Name Telephone number
Department emergency (not first aid) (01223) (3) 34447
Security emergency No.                                          101
Security (01223) (3) 31818