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Fire evacuation procedure


Visitors to UIS are requested to make note of, and comply with, the Emergency and Evacuation Procedures, which are posted at various points around UIS.

UIS staff

All UIS members must be aware of what to do should an emergency evacuation situation occur.

Please ensure that you find out and commit to memory:

  1. The position of your nearest Fire Call Points.
  2. The quickest routes out of the building from your floor.
  3. The assembly areas are the grass area opposite the main entrance if exiting from the front of the building, or the Park and Cycle if exiting from the rear of the building.
    If using the rear exit use the marked route at the back of the building.
  4. The emergency services telephone number. From the network telephones dial 999.
  5. The security emergency contact telephone number, network 101.
    For non emergencies security can be contacted on network 31818.
  6. Who the Fire Monitors for your floor are.
    In an emergency DO NOT wait for them to tell you to evacuate, leave immediately.

The UIS Fire Safety Manager is Mark Barringer. Please contact him on network 63484, or in Room 2N77, Roger Needham Building if you need further information.

Remember in an evacuation

  1. Never put yourself or others in danger.
    Your first priority is personal safety.
  2. If there's smoke or fire don't go past it, turn around, find another exit and get out.
  3. Do not enter a building if the alarms are going off.
  4. Do not use a Lift.
  5. If you hear a fire alarm and are unsure if it's for real or just a test, treat it as real.
    Most tests are advertised and the alarms will only ring for a few seconds. If the alarms keep ringing, get out.
  6. If you are evacuating the building and the alarm stops continue with the evacuation.
  7. The silencing of the alarm is not necessarily the all clear. Wait for verbal confirmation from a Fire Warden, member of University Security or the Fire Brigade.

New members of staff that have not been contacted regarding fire safety within a week of joining UIS please notify either the Departmental Safety Officer or the .

Fire evacuation information must be kept up to date. Please ensure that you notify the secretaries or the Fire Safety Manager of any changes.

Further information on fire safety can be found under the University's fire safety pages.

Last reviewed: January 2018

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