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First aid provision

In the event of an injury call the University Information Services first Aid number 36060.

There are seven First Aiders within the UIS.

NameLocationTelephone number
Mark Barringer GN57 34665
Ruth Charles 1N63 35467
Monica Gonzalez GS15 34754
John Mayes GN51 34996 or 50566
David McBride 1N13 31843
Sue Rogers GS21 48434
Adrian Stone GN67 35634

The names and locations of all University First Aiders are at the back of the University of Cambridge Telephone Network Directory.

If medical aid is obviously needed urgently and the casualty has to go to hospital by ambulance, call 999 or 1999 on the network. Tell the ambulance exactly where to come, what has happened (how many people, type of injury etc.) and arrange for the ambulance to be met.
Don't forget to report the accident to the Departmental Safety Officer as soon as possible and complete the report form.

For further information please refer to the First Aid web pages.

Last updated: February 2017