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Update of interim report on flooding incident on 17 July 2015

This article provides a short summary of activity that has taken place following the initial incident on 17 July and the restoration of services.

Following the incident, and ahead of the forecast of rain on 24 July, the builders working on the New Museums Site carried out further work to guard against further water penetration. Our staff continue to actively monitor the weather situation and building environment.

Staff from Information Services have continued work to move our services and hardware out of the affected room. This has also resulted in previous levels of resilience to most services being restored from our other sites. A number of networking devices cannot be immediately removed from the location (due to the nature of network cabling) and we are exploring options with the University's senior management for the longer term future.

The University's current internet connection is via a contingency link which only operates at half of the capacity of our main circuit (10Gbps instead of 20Gbps). Work has been under way for some time for our network supplier, Janet, to provide the University with a second 20Gbps connection that will enable us to deliver a fully resilient network connection to the Internet. Staff from both Information Services and Janet are discussing the delivery of the connection to enable us to plan appropriately.

A number of components of our local network infrastructure were damaged by water on 17 July, which has resulted in less resilience than we would like. Our staff have been working on an emergency plan to ensure that appropriate replacement hardware is ordered to return to normal levels of service as quickly as possible.

We are grateful of the support from colleagues and the University's management in helping to ensure that University-wide services are returned to full levels of operation as soon as possible.

Last updated: 15:45, 24 July 2015