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Getting further help on the Gartner database

Our Gartner licence will expire on 31 May 2020

UIS is ending the subscription to Gartner. Our licence to the Gartner Research database will expire on 31 May 2020. Please ensure you have deleted any downloaded or printed Gartner materials as soon as possible after that date.

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If there are problems logging into the Gartner website, please contact the Service Desk at, or 01223 (7)62999.

If you are transferred to a Gartner login screen, do not enter your Cambridge University username and password as they will not work.  Only enter credentials into the Raven screen. In particular, you may be returned to Gartner's login screen after editing your profile.  If this happens, log out and log in again from the localised login page.

Gartner also offers their own help and support which can be found at


Q: The site is asking me for payment.
A: Our licence was principally bought to assist with the merger of MISD, HPCS & UCS into UIS. It only covers the University for Core research so does not cover the University for access to research outside of core information, consultancy, or charged for events.  It is possible to use these but they will need to be paid for by the user if required.

Q: I get an error saying “An error occurred during Federation with Gartner. Please contact your administrator”
A: In order to transfer your Lookup credentials to Gartner your Registered Name and E-mail Address need to be visible University-wide or world-wide.  In addition, if you do not make your Surname University- or world-visible you will be given a surname of your CRSID.  As this is done at the point the (Gartner) account is created it can only be corrected by creating a new account.

Q: How do I avoid follow-up e-mail?
A: By default, Gartner will send follow-up e-mail after you visit their site to measure customer satisfaction and upsell their services.  To avoid this you will need to change the "opt in" setting on your account: MY PROFILE (top right), [PROFILE HOME], PREFERENCES, and set Email to Opt out.

Q: I seem to have multiple accounts with Gartner.
A: The account is matched on various data items when you log in.  If you change any of these, it will create a new account.  In particular, if you have multiple e-mail addresses in Lookup, the first will be used for the Gartner account.  Should you reorder these addresses so a new one is first, a new account is created.  Reordering so the original address is first again will log you in to the original account.