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Our Gartner licence will expire on 31 May 2020

UIS is ending the subscription to Gartner. Our licence to the Gartner Research database will expire on 31 May 2020. Please ensure you have deleted any downloaded or printed Gartner materials as soon as possible after that date.

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Please note: If you register an account for accessing the Gartner database, your initials, last name and e-mail address as held on the University Lookup Service will be sent to Gartner.

To register an account with Gartner, access their site via this URL rather than directly via the Gartner webiste; this will allow your login to be authenticated with Raven and for your Lookup credentials to be sent.  Signing out while using the Gartner website will return you to Gartner's login page - you should always use the localised page rather than their login page.

For Gartner registration to work, you will need to verify that the 'Visibility' of the requisite Lookup fields (Registered name, Surname and Email address) is set to either University or World.  This can be checked under your personal entry on the Lookup Directory where the attributes are available under the Details tab.  If you have multiple email addresses defined in Lookup, the system will chose whichever email address appears first in the list.

For registration to work, it's also critical that we can extract initials from your Registered name. To do so, we use everything up to the last '.'. For most names (which normally look like 'A.N. Other') this works fine, but sometimes names get entered differently (e.g. 'A N Other') and this then fails. If this is the case for you, ask  to correct it.

If the Lookup visibility settings prevent the transfer of information, this will generate an error and prevent you from connecting to the Gartner website.

The Gartner website will set a browser cookie and therefore if your browser's privacy setting is too high you may not be able to access the site.  Please refer to their online privacy statement at

The Gartner Global Privacy Policy can be found at

Communications from Gartner

Please note that after registering, Gartner may send you follow-up e-mail regarding the services you have accessed.

The University has requested that no marketing communications are sent to anyone who registers via this URL but this can be amended via your (Gartner) User Profile.