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University Information Services


IT Relationship Manager, School of Technology

James Matheson

About James

Prior to joining the UIS as IT Relationship Manager for the School of Technology in June 2017, James was for many years Head of the IT Services Division in the Department of Engineering. During his time in Engineering he oversaw the transformation of computing from a specialist research tool into the all-pervasive service that it is today. His initial research interests were in speech recognition and synthesis and the development of specialist hardware and software to support this.

He is a Fellow and Director of Studies in Engineering at Selwyn College where he supervises a variety of Electrical and Information Engineering topics. Between 2001 and 2006 he was an elected member of the University Council serving on a variety of committees, some but not all related to his previous experience in IT and as a College Tutor and Director of Studies.

In addition to his main role in UIS, he also chairs the University Card Committee.

He is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IET.


Relationship Manager