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Change to outgoing email configuration on Tuesday 14 August

last modified Aug 07, 2018 11:50 AM
UIS plans to make a change to outgoing email between 08:00 and 09:00 on Tuesday 14 August. You shouldn't notice any change to your email service, but if you experience any problems please contact the Service Desk.

Further detail for IT support staff:

We're adding DKIM signatures to outgoing messages sent by the central mail switch (PPSW) to external sites as this is now considered best practice. This change will affect messages sent from Hermes and other on-premise mail servers that route their outgoing mail through PPSW. Our Exchange Online tenancy already adds DKIM signatures to outgoing messages.

This change will add an additional message header "DKIM-Signature:" to outgoing messages when:

  1. The From: header in the body of message ends
  2. The message does not contain a X-Cam-SpamDetails header (which would indicate that it originated from an external sender)
  3. The outgoing message is being routed by MX records in the DNS rather than local tables on PPSW.

The additional header is a cryptographic signature of a number of headers from the body of the message. We may change the precise set of headers that is signed as we gain further experience, but will start with the set recommended in the DKIM specification (RFC 4871).

If you have any queries, please contact .

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